Middle Europe Investments

Middle Europe Investments, a.s. (MEI) is a Czech private equity company, which mainly invests in real estates and production companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Due to our extensive experience, we are also providing M&A and Corporate Finance advice to Czech and Slovak companies. MEI is working for a large number of investors from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

The MEI group was originally founded in 1991 in the Netherlands. During 21 years the MEI group established a large number of investment funds and special purpose vehicles that have invested their resources in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, especially in the Czech Republic and the Slovakia. Some investment funds have been listed on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam. The total assets under management of the MEI group reached more than 500 mil. EUR. Besides the Netherlands, the group had offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia. In 2012, the owners sold the Dutch fund management operations to the British real estate group Palmer Capital.

In the Czech and Slovak Republic Middle Europe Investments, a.s. continued its operations with the existing management and three main activities:

  • - investing in Real Estate and production companies,
  • - providing Asset, Property and Facility management,
  • - providing M&A and Corporate Finance advice.